Due to less air resistance, racket moves very fast in air and player observed better racket swing speed. Aluminium Manufactured by leading brand Balance: This racquet has been engineered to have a superior performance, and you will see why as you keep reading this review. CS nanotube are developed by layering the nano carbon fiber in predefined manner to get best in class material performance which give better elasticity , more repulsion and extended durability to racket frame. When it comes to defensive net play, this racket really shows its maximum potential. CS nanotube ensures the frame flex in controlled manner when shuttle hits the string bed and release the shuttle more precisely.

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Exchange offer is not applicable with this product. This racquet is excellent in both defensive and offensive drives. I am an intermediate player and just upgraded from carbonex lite.

In order to further improve the racket properties like stiffness, impact strength and bending strength, YONEX is reinvent the carbon fiber material technology.

Nanosspeed series are designed based on players individual badminton need and playing style. Swimming Swimming Cap Swimming Goggles. Want better gripping and superior maneuverability? This superb combination also found in rackets like Arcsaber 11brings you a smoother and faster swing along with a more powerful hitting.


Have you used this product? Without any doubts, one of the best rackets fabricated by Yonex. New Built-in T-joint for superior accuracy. Yoga Accessories Yoga Mat.

If you are a lover of speed, then this racket will be the perfect match for you. India’s fastest online shopping destination.

YONEX Racquets are known for its superior quality, expert level series classifications and innovative racket technologies with precision on manufacturing technology. YONEX Arcsaber series is designed for those players who want to control the shuttle with more accurate and precise manner.

Nanospeed 9900

The best from both worlds. Please apply exchange offer again. Javed Ahmed Verified Khelmart Buyer. Warranty The racquet comes yonez a manufacturer’s warranty against frame defects. Before move to YONEX rackets series, it is recommended to read article on badminton rackets basics and its components. The Yonex Nanospeed outstands thanks to its incredible speed.

I agree to the. More repulsion more, better feel and more stability. With sonic metal, badminton player gets high racket repulsion which results into quick badminton shot delivery. Your item has been added to Shortlist. Our continuous improvement in process and quality enable yoonex to achieve our goal. By increasing stability of the shuttle on the string bed and reducing torque, you will get better and more accurate shots.


Yonex Nanospeed 50 Badminton Racket. Due to this extra time, player get more control on badminton shuttle and place the shuttle more accurately.

Yonex NanoSpeed 50 Badminton Racket: Buy Online at Best Price on Snapdeal

One of the Best Rackets Ever Created. The game is played worldwide and is a nabospeed of fun. It is head light frame configuration which will give you more racket swing and accurate shuttle control. This racquet has been engineered to have a superior performance, and you will see why as you keep reading this review. Its shaft is made of HM graphite which will give you ultra light and flexible shaft.