Removing unwanted channels will speed up the xmltv update mythfilldatabase and you won’t have to search through tons of channels that you don’t get anyways for movie listings, etc. After this, try inputting a DVD into your computer. For the purposes of this guide, I will assume that the kernel is 2. If the identifier contains spaces in the name, then it will cause a bug with the startx function which we’ll use later. If you need power management, go with APM.

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The following command suggests using gedit; feel free to used any other text editor. Navigate to your home directory.

[mythbuntu] No TV in MythTV Frontend

It looks like I might have solved my own problem. There are several prerequisites to using Myth DVD. And, it will show you how to install LIRC, the software driver required to use remote controls. A workaround to boot into the TV-out anyway is to let your computer boot into a normal window session into GNOME, KDE, or whatever you’re using and then have that window session launch a new X window session onto your TV-out, and use that new X session to run mythfrontend.


You should now be able to access your myth box through a browser pointing at its IP address, e. Nicolas Vigier Next we need to create a copy of our channel table.

What you need to do is find out what mtyhtv to use. Totem should come up automatically Ubuntu 5. Note that older versions of apache would use a command like “Port ” but “Listen” is the new muthtv refer to core features documentation.

If you can ivtc to your MythWeb by using ” http: If you scroll to the bottom of the ivtv section, you can see that several errors occurred. After patching the source, follow these steps to build the ivtv driver:. At this point, you should be able to listen to ivt kill streams from the command line with no user intervention Mytthv, we are going to hack a couple of buttons onto the default menu theme.

Comment 6 Greg McGee Type in the following to accomplish this. Don’t worry, to my knowledge doing this will not break a law at any time.

Enter in the new root password you created earlier in both field boxes and press ok. With enough requests, I may make them downloadable here.

IVTV Install – MythTV Official Wiki

Still don’t have sound, can’t find the first channels, don’t have EPG, but the basis is there. If you forgot to nof a channel when you initially signed up for your zap2it DataDirect account, or want to otherwise modify your channel listing, here’s what you have to do.


Most of the rest is explained in the scripts themselves. You should be able to watch TV at this point. You may need to install xmltv in order to perform the following.

IVTV Install

If it doesn’t work properly, try a few different DVDs. With the new release of 0.

Comment 38 Colin Guthrie I take no responsibility for your actions. Now, we’ll attempt to get ALSA working.

Views Read Edit View history. Make sure that you have specified muthtv in your USE flags. Unzip the utility and extract it to your desktop. First, open up the modules file to be edited.