Before plugging in the cable box FireWire, install the cable box driver. Press power to put the set-top in stand-by mode. To ship your equipment for repair: When the last known frequency is selected, a dot will appear in the middle-upper part of the Front Panel. Model Number The drive model number assigned at the factory. USE the Software only in connection with the operation of the Product. However, firmware version is now listed as

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During normal operation, the DCXM emits a low dcz-3500 noise, similar to a personal computer. Closed Captions The Closed Captions setting turns closed captions off or on. Microsoft AVCTape driver installed and working.

pahel You’ll be prompted three times with the hardware connection wizard – cancel all three of them. Certain functions, such as those requiring a numeric entry, require a remote control. Tuned Digital channels only The center RF carrier frequency for the digital service.

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Figure 24 — Current channel status front panel displays Digital channel: Some SD programs are broadcast in the letterbox format with black bars above and below the picture. Once again to the rescue I had failed to change the file extension from mpg to ts. I’ve been having problems lately with box resets.

I’ll try some more tomorrow, Thanks again. My guess is that the people who need it most wouldn’t be able to do this thru the menu system.


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I understand that there have been no verified reports of the DCX or DCXx being able to transfer recordings via FireWire, but the combination of Motorola’s unverified claim of a fix and the verified DCX success leads me to believe that the “conditions on the ground” have radically changed for the better. The end result should look like this in the Device Manager, with both devices installed under “Imaging Devices”: Pabel currently use the firewire from my dvr that is a motorola box with built in carblecard to laptop win 7 using capdvhs and STB drivers.

The Windows Hardware Update Wizard will pop up again, and this time select the option to “Install from a list or specific location Advanced “. DSperber thanks for the response. Press Cable device button on the remote 2.

How to record shows from a Comcast DVR to a PC | Ricky Says

I actually experienced one of them, the motirola just blinking off and then on again, with all the usual display characters that accompany a reset. The information displayed dxc-3500 each object depends on the running environment. Recycling your Motorola Equipment Please do not dispose of this product with your residential or commercial waste. But, when I launched Windows Explorer, there was no sign of a new file in the C: Auto, Transparent, Translucent, Solid, or Flashing.

Make sure you have plenty of hard drive space available.


Press the cursor up arrow up key on the front panel until the front panel LED displays cold. The Motoroka Sync Delay setting can be adjust between 0 milliseconds msec and milliseconds in va/c millisecond increments.

If you are using the Component Video YPbPr connection to your television, the checklist will have only the i and i formats selected. Because some entertainment equipment cannot simultaneously support baseband composite video and S-Video, never simultaneously connect both video inputs.

Data Indicates whether data is being carried on the in-band stream. Video Processor is locked to the video stream.

Before plugging in the cable box FireWire, install the cable box driver. The use, duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set motorol in subdivision c 1 ii of The Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at Make sure your computer has a FireWire port, which will either be a small 4-pin port or the regular 6-pin port that looks the same as the port on the back of the DVR itself. At this point, if desired, the frequency change mode can be exited by pressing the MENU key a second time.

I was able to record all Starz channels except Starz1.