Micronet also develops VDSL products to fulfill requirements of high performance. For management, system administrator can use SP remotely to configure IP addresses and security settings for multiple APs by using a single Web interface. A centralized power management system, with redundant power, ensures non-stop track for IP camera. With dynamic login code, it prevents the system from malicious damage by non-authenticated user. VLOS environment is as if you stand at the certain position far away from the object’s location, you are able to see the remote object. The WPS function makes the operation easier.

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It is a cost-effective solution for SMB to jicronet a basic wireless infrastructure. To achieve load balance, the administrator can specify the different WAN port for each policy group. This is commonly used for network appliances that require monitoring of network traffic, such as an intrusiondetection system.

Besides, single registration account is needed for all users to make calls, and there’s no need for more accounts that charge for each. With the spread of optical fiber in microjet campus, administrators can take advantage of the feature of media conversion to extend the copper-based network beyond the distance limitation of meters. Still, the smaller rings coupled in such a way will still be able to communicate with each other. SP supports PBX functionalities for user’s convenient communications.

In some wireless communication area, there could be some obstructions, buildings or sp90ne which may obscure Line-Of-Sight LOS between the wireless access points and the backhaul infrastructure e.


SPN has been able to achieve three times better throughput than competitors’ wireless products in field test.

That dramatically saves the small business from the expense of long-distance and international calls. Micronft 8-port PoE switch is suitable for the environments that demand for low density of PoE-port implementation, such as video surveillance and wireless hotspots.

You don’t have to select encryption mode and input a long encryption pass phrase every time during setting up a wireless client. The software includes real time video monitoring, recording, playback, event alert management functionalities and so on.

SPNE-کارت شبکه مايکرونت Micronet Adapter

With dynamic login code, it prevents the system from malicious damage by non-authenticated user. So that the management efforts could be minimized. Wireless Output Power Max.

Many models of Micronet IP cameras are equipped with PoE support, and thus can accept the power delivered from the Ethernet cable. That serves HQ staffs to dial free micrnoet calls among the sites, and even to local PSTN with local phone charge only. Therefore, the customers can easily make wireless connections from different locations by SPN. The Wireless LAN Solutions offer the micronett of high-speed networking without the costs and inflexibility of cabling infrastructures.

Antenna Connector Type Operation Channel 2. The WPS function makes the operation easier. It creates a spanning tree within a mesh network of connected layer-2 bridges typically Ethernet switchesand disables those links that are not part of the tree, leaving a single active path between any two network nodes.

Micronet WLAN 11N PCI Adapter SP906NE

Besides, SP provides an mjcronet port to enhance the entertainment experience by connecting it to an external speaker. In case of power or network failure, users still can receive and make calls via PSTN lines. With failover feature on dual WAN ports, administrator can easily reduce ssp906ne risk of downtime for Internet access by switching WAN ports automatically.


Based on traffic capacity, the installer can select SPB for medium-to-low data traffic and SPB for high volume network loading. SP supports video streaming, and real time high quality video display via wireless transmission.

For cost sensitive solutions, SP can be used to replace SPN, since it is the best choice among all outdoor wireless CPEs when constructing a 2.

MicroNet SPA Product guide |

It facilitates WLAN deployment, set up in the best position, such as ceiling, wall, etc. Virtual stack function allows administrator to manage multiple switches distributed in different floors using a single IP address. In addition, you can also learn more up-to-date product information, technical support, or consult with Micronet professionals about planning your network.

The private LAN ports are enforced by access control.

Micronet Enterprise Switch family provides the cost-effective solution for network integration required by businesses. At the same time, those SPN devices can still work as access points to accept access point clients e.

We focus on quality and configuration flexibilities so that the integrators adopt our solutions easily and comfortably.