There’s another little weight, too. One person found this helpful. They just won’t show up at all, or they’ll be an “unknown keycode”, or something. I’ll believe it when I see it. Again, it sure doesn’t hurt , and people who are doing photo retouching or CAD or whatever are certainly going to have more use for a super-resolution mouse than people who are doing word processing or spreadsheet work.

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The forward button is about half the size of the other.

Technical Specification

Then everything worked, except for the quick-switch button. But the last really significant step forward in PC mouse technology is now more than three years old. Can anyone recommend a similar mouse where I can program Windows 7 commands to the keys? Macintosh users, who’ve always had logotech sample rate mouses, suffer fits of revulsion if confronted with slow PC mouses.

Thu May 24, 7: If you just want the funkier looking mouse, mind you, the Explorer fights a gallant rearguard with its glowing red tail-light, but really can’t compete with the seamless Star Trek slickitude of the MX I bought this mouse in Decemberand it is still working and in great condition 8 years later Dec Jul 1, Posts: What’s this good for? Some folks have been able to extract a portion of the XP driver config and get them to run on bit Win7, but there’s no supported version for Win7 or Vista.


MouseWare, you see, can be All four of the logirech buttons, and the clickable wheel, m5x00 great. The MX is a world away from the Dual Optical in terms of design. The quick program switch button is placed so awkwardly that it is more convenient to hit alt-tab. The Hewlett-Packard technology they used has been improved since, but the basic idea’s the same; a little camera peers out of the bottom of the mouse at whatever you’re moving it over; the red light they all have underneath them is an LED that obliquely illuminates the surface to bring out its detail.

Review: Logitech MX , MX and MX mouses

Thanks to its slinky styling, though, it’s very comfortable to hold, even for someone like me who’s very used to the Explorer shape. One feature it has that I want is rechargeability. Again, the scheme is just about perfect. Overall Mouwe MX series mouses aren’t dirt cheap, and their software could be better, but you can work around the problems, and they’re otherwise great. There’s a little green light on top of the mouse that tells you its charge state.

Showing of reviews. The moue I saw from them was uneven, lumpy scrolling – turn the wheel several steps, and watch the screen scroll a bit, then a lot, then a bit again. Initially I thought this was overkill, as I couldn’t think of eight commands that I’d want on my mouse. The one on the Dual Optical was really prefect.


Fast Amazon shipping, plus a hassle free return policy, means your satisfaction is guaranteed. As for resolution, the engine offers 00 dpi, which means you’re fine with any size monitor. Underneath, the MX has an offset sensor, to accommodate its battery bay.

What didn’t I like about the MX ? Logitech’s new MX-series mouses are, according to Logitech, very mouuse and innovative. Commonly enough, particularly with the MX for some reason, I saw triple step behaviour, where two steps were ignored and then three came all at once.

The good news is that Logitech’s “MouseWare” driver software, which supports pretty much every mouse they’ve ever made, allows you to reconfigure the quick-switch button to do something else. Any lag would kill the usefulness of the function, but the quick switch works immediately and without fail.

Something we hope you’ll especially enjoy: Logitech MX Optical Mo When they started disappearing from retailers I bought up three of them.