See here for details why. It’s like the lower octave is a ms after the higher. You’re either CoreAudio or you’re not Get a new one. So What Is It? Of course, you can always call us directly during regular business hours at

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See all 4 questions Question: Having tried other, inferior imho amp simulators with surprisingly positive results, I can state that it’s my incompetency with this program.

Please share your review with us. By the way, I’ve narrowed down the sound issue: I knew nothing about it, had not done any research like I normally dobut lightsnaks was a gamble. Maybe the Lightsnake is defective; you should call them. You’re either CoreAudio or you’re not You can find this year’s holiday gift right here.

I believe the type of instrument you plug in acoustic vs electric can play a big role in whether any excess noise is noticeable.

We have no open box units available at this time. Get a new cable.


Troll Cave Music: Gear Review: Lightsnake USB Instrument Cable

The Lightsnake is already out the door to never return. The same aggregate settings applied to GR wreck havoc.

Describe the question or issue you have. Don’t use this pos on a Mac with GR2. However, when you install it, the drivers install as a basic USB sound device, so it should be universal.

It’s a cheap solution that users who get software only may try; I’d like to know if it can work. Of course, I plugged it into the Lightsnake. So What Is It? I’ll see if they will send lghtsnake one to mess with.

We just sent an email to you! Of course, you can always call us directly during regular business hours at I tested it last week but it won’t work properly.

It’s like the lower octave is a ms after the higher. I aint buying it.

Is it possible to remedy that? You are currently logged in as a guest. Since the electric doesn’t have the same wide-spectrum lightnsake as the acoustic, the noisy cable is laid bare for all to see and hear.


It needs a device that has in and out.

I’ve had some good experiences with the cable and some very bad experiences with this cable. Adio needed a good solution to hook in my guitar to record some tracks, but I wanted the best quality for the cheapest price. The Lightsnake does not, but you can make an aggregate device and all is fine.

Happy Holidays!

Sound Forge, Acid, and Vegas, just to name a few. Jump on board and enjoy the world of high quality sound recording in a simple easy-to-use package. I put a gate in the chain, and did some trial recording with the SG.