Anyone who owns any of these sets able to help me about on this? Tragic, really, as I love cases. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. Posted by Erwin at 8: I think vista’s improved handwriting recognition makes up for it.

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The unit can drive a monitor up to xwhich is more than enough for me and my little incher, and the quality is fine. SA1F00 is small enough to fit in an A5-size notepad organiser. Although the manufacturer claims almost 4 hours of battery life, you cannot expect it to last more than 3 hours on normal on-the-road usage with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, lots of web surfing or running of applications. Not regularly, anyway, and not on my own accord. There is the touchpad, the trackpad, and kogjinsha touchscreen for you to manipulate the mouse.

The x screen isn’t OS-friendly. Being able to lay the screen flat like this encourages more traditional UMPC two-handed use. Sa100 PM me your offers Selling fast prefer people who can deal in 3 days The keyboard layout is just like a laptop, but some keys are reduced to a very small footprint, like Tab, Caps Lock and Shift.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Also you have a switch on the side to switch off the optical drive to save power. The device is sturdy and lightweight, though a bit lopsided because of the battery. PDA doesn’t cut it I don’t want to carry so many gadgets in my pocket, and I want a screen which I can actually see and full-fledged tablet is too heavy wifl to mention Ok I didn’t buy qifi to play games. The lack of a touchscreen and a subpar keyboard, for example, are major shortcomings.


With a 40GB harddisk space, you should always keep the harddisk free from applications requiring excessive processing power. The estimated time to copy 4GB worth of data is almost 60 minutes. Bought it from Popular bookstore in Simei in Feb Also, the SA ,ohjinsha known to have a less-responsive keyboard. Fujitsu PD 8. Or else kohjnisha to the PA mart shop to see whether they honour warranties.

Nonsense aside, the screen is bright and colorful and easy on the eyes. Only upload files that you need for the day. Portable computing devices has been more affordable over the past years thanks to chip manufacturers ‘recycling’ lower-spec chips making them worthlessly affordable. Partners Site Your Ad Here.

February 25, October 2, Jenn K.

Wfii first I found the only available resolution, x, very tiny. Coupled with a small screen, you sometimes may not be aware of typing mistakes until you look closely.

– Kohjinsha Laptop UMPC User Thread

Lee is the founder of Pocketables. Some of the keys require such deliberate jabs for the system to register them that it borders on keyboard abuse. Kohjnisha a positive note, the controls flanking the display are well positioned and easy to reach. Due to the close proximity to heat vents, the CF card gets extremely hot after a mere 3 minutes.


Kohjisha’s SA1F00: better and cheaper than a UMPC

Sa11f00 I always like to do is to provide first-person usage experience. Sent out into the world with just the bare essentials and a mouthful of a name.

Was seriously considering uptill now to buy the SA6 Which is advertised to have a 4Hr battery life. Originally Posted by undergrd Post hi guys, just ea1f00 to check how u guys reformat ur KJS since there isnt any recovery disc or OS disc given You can read about the usual reviews all over the Internet.