I’m off to do that to see if it works. Although my personal issue has been resolved, I am leaving the bug open because the root cause has not been fixed. Thu May 11, Put the ati in, no display. I had my system up and working for a couple days then got a new graphics card to install. Raymond superquad-vortex2 wrote on Resource allocation-related, not audio.

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What else can i find out for you to help. Considering a new video card kh8 an upgrade is a question of performance versus price. The NIC is detected in the upper slot, but not in the bottom slot, the same as the sound card. Sat May 13, 1: I tried following https: Now that we know it’s slot-related, what logs are important?

Just switch this set pfi-to-pci jumpers and you have access to juice up your memory with even more voltage. Individual performance will vary with any particular or specific timings or tweaks enabled by you. The downside is that the surround pci-ot-pci may be crowded.

Details that may be relevant: AGP aperture was set to MB. I believe I may have screwed a connection on the mb pci-to-lci will likely RMA it. I will never go sli and only have a couple hard drives. The accuracy of this benchmark is becoming questionable with frame rates consistently around or over Hi all, I have a Sapphire HD and this motherboard with the same problem.


I found a related Ubuntu question which I have attached to this bug where the author suggested moving the card to another slot. PCI cards plugged into the slot above the bottom slot are detected.

Jun 26, Posts: It is firmly seated, and definitely works. I am attaching the results lspci, lspci -v, and dmesg below.

This was the case with the four DIMM slots. Pagefile set to MB fixed on a separate partition. I was unable to get Raid 5 to work on the previously mentioned MSI board because the controllers would not recognize each others pci-to-pc.

Is GA K8N Pro SLI PCI-E compliant ? reason ATI HD will not boot

SplinterCell Chinese Embassy Timedemo. Much easier to work with but won’t clock worth a damn instead. Any ideas on how i can get my display working?

From the board layout, the most prominent feature is of course the large copper cooling and heatpipe configuration. The small black cap removes to accommodate those power supplies with pin connectors.


Abit kn8 possible problem. No display and other misc problems.

Email on8 about changes to this bug report. Put the ati in, no display. I played music from Windows XP a few nights ago. The cpu header was not powering the cpu fan Odd. Gigabyte includes a fold-out installation guide for the new user.

With regard to the PSU, as you are most probably aware, this is the most common cause for this kind of issue and it is always worth double checking as most people don’t realise that even a new PSU might not be OK. The most touted addition to the board’s repertoire of features is the embedded Pci-to-;ci Blaster Audigy SE, setting the board apart from all its competitors.

While installing the graphics card i must have knocked the auc power cable from the mb and forgot to pc-ito-pci it back. It would be like dropping a second engine into a tractor.