Too bad they take away functionality while making improvements. I’m using a LTRW to make all of my images instead of the because I don’t want any more coasters. I have enough problems this week I keep 5 drive in here so a lot of stuff is compartmentalised, helps cut down on losing everything when something crashes. Or are you saying that the has a noisier ABS than the ? I’ll play with it off and on and see if anything changes, but hey, at least that expensive a works so I still have any possibility covered and I bet nobody knew it would work, I never tried till now myself. My drive is back at PIO mode again also

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I’m using a LTRW to make all of my images instead of the because I don’t want any more coasters. I have other drives that will still work so it’s not a huge thing here but for some it might be.

This information is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. Of course it takes 2 days for the RMA, 3 days shipping, 7 days turn around so I said the heck with it and purchased a S and will sell the when the replacement arrives.

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NET Advanced Edition 2. It wouldn’t change the drive a bit You’re now in a position to enlight us further – I for one, would appreciate a report from you after a couple of weeks Cheers.


It would work with clone with the previuos version, and with Clone and EAC with the original firmware. Not silent but almost, and definetely much quieter than my PSU fan Can you please back it upo and send it to me? It deleted a bunch of jms shortcuts, some of 16s shortcuts inside nested shortcuts, my boot ini file etc New drives and old one with updated firmwares are now recognized as Jlms.

Either it wasn’t what was on their suposedly official site or something nasty piggy backed on and did it’s work before I killed the proccess. But hey, what’s in a name? Greetings, I searched for an answer but didn’t really come up with anything so here it goes.

Sony DDU > JLMS S? – LiteOn / PLDS / Sony Writer – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

Luckily my Sony a seems to rip it just fine so go figure?! Let me know what you think. Sat Jul 26, 3: I think it’s all still joms just no shortcuts anymore.

This topic is about comparing these 2 models. My drive is back at PIO mode again 166w I can always just boot to the old drive if this thing totally dies or I just don’t feel like fixing it yet so I should be able to respond one way or the other. Users browsing this forum: Yes Can read MultiSession Discs: Page 1 of 1.


Yes Can read Digital Audio Discs: Accordind to jlma JLMS website the specs on the are far superior to the I found that it would no longer rip my copy of More Fast and the Furious with the latest firmware with any program.

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I think it was some kind of script exploit, It destroyed my antivirus, erased the boot INI, started to erase all my shortcuts and had me locked out of my documents folder, at least part of it.

The ABS balancing ulms is hardly new anymore. The following page has some useful information: I would rip the tracks but no audio, then it stopped reading them at all again. I decided to take it home for testing, not expecting much in term of quietness due to the warning other people had put up regarding LiteOn drives.

I rebooted and it was OK and everything was still enabled so I tried it again. I’m probably going to be burning it down again and starting from scratch as a DVD copy program I was trying decided to start deleting files when I told it to do something?!