During his driving lessons, Mr. This should only take a few moments. At the end of one year, you are eligible to take the first road test to earn your Novice license. All comments will be reviewed by one or more moderators before being posted to the site. Do all the other rules stay the same for the Learner stage? Is it fair to place all this on young people?

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They don’t covet them,” he said. Required fields are marked.

Very few vehicles in a high-school parking lot noivce an L or N sign, said Mr. And there are rules that dictate who and how many people can be in your vehicle.

New ICBC Regulations – Young Drivers

There is a strict zero tolerance for alcohol. That’s because they’ve been snatched. Contact DBM if you have any questions. Second, if you consume any alcohol at all while driving, your license is suspended immediately.


Novixe six month Novice stage reduction is reward for completing comprehensive training and demonstrating safe driving attitudes and behaviours by staying out of crashes and following the rules of the road. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. The mandatory signs are part of ICBC’s graduated licensing program, meant to give the 60, or so ichc drivers who hit the road each year in B.

ICBC issues new novice driver signs amid plague of thefts

For drivers starting an approved driver training course novixe March 31,the three month time reduction in the Learner stage will no longer apply, and the new time reduction incentive will be available for eligible drivers in the Novice stage. Click here for a downloadable version of Learn to drive smart. Police wonder why ICBC stuck it out so long, given that soon after the licensing system began inthe N and L signs quickly began disappearing from vehicles.

Recent driving-school graduate Olivia Walton, 17, must novic an “N” sticker on her car at all times. Of particular importance to Novice drivers, if you break even one traffic rule you may be hit with a driving suspension for up to six months. We hope to have this fixed soon. You may also be deemed to be at fault regardless of what caused the accident due to the fact you are in violation of the restrictions.

ICBC issues new novice driver signs amid plague of thefts – The Globe and Mail

Yes, Learners under the new rules must also display an official L sign, must have no alcohol in their body, must icb drive between midnight and 5 a. Since you have committed violations, you will be fined, lose demerit points and quite possibly have your licensed suspended.


Driver training schools provide a movice option for improving the basic driving skills of new drivers and allowing them to gain experience on the road.

Steve Wallace, who owns six driving schools throughout B.

Wallace, a former teacher. Notify me of new posts by email.

Still magnetic, the signs can be attached to the rear window using a Velcro-like material or stuck on the vehicle’s exterior. Click here to subscribe. The more rules you have violated, the longer the potential prohibition on your license. No, drivers who complete their first lesson of an approved driver training course on or before March 31, and complete their course by March 31, will not be affected by the new rules.

They routinely get swiped and then slapped on police vehicles as a joke. Where can I get more information about the approved course time reduction changes?

Endless Tips for New Novuce Q: If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail. Where do I get a copy of Learn to drive smart?