The NEP price, which represents a discount from the single unit purchase price, is not subject to any further discount or allowance. In the description, the monitor connector is listed first. If you travel or need to move products to another country, you can register the products for IBM International Warranty Service. The controls are easy to operate and incorporate easily understood icons that identify the function of each control. Cable and Cable Adapter Descriptions: Appropriate graphic adapter hardware and software must be installed in the attaching system unit.

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Approximate dimensions and weight of the monitors are: Term leases and installment payment plans are available for commercial and state and local government customers. The announced product is an eligible machine under the extended maintenance option of the IBM Customer Agreement. This can be held in the system unit until requested by someone, such as a department LAN administrator, who wants to check the location of all equipment connected to the LAN.

In the description, the monitor connector is listed first. Some show horizontal and vertical frequencies line rate and refresh rate, respectively for the current display mode. As part of our commitment to providing you with the support you demand we provide many HelpWare services complimentary with your IBM Personal Igm and additional services are available from the HelpWare Support Family.

Comprehensive User Controls All the monitors have digital controls that give the user full control over: Attachment to certain IBM PC and workstation systems requires a signal cable adapter to connect the signal cable to the system unit to ensure satisfactory operation. Yes Licensed Internal Code: In conjunction with the built-in display mode dksplay, a reset control allows you to revert to the factory default setting, if any, for the current mode.


IBM P200 CRT Monitor

Call or Email for information. This on-site exchange is performed by an authorized IBM servicer. IBM hourly service is available at the applicable rate and terms, including element exchange price if applicable.

The higher level of humidity for shipping allows for condensation displayy not direct contact with moisture. This standard must also be implemented in the attaching system unit hardware and software for monitor power management to be effective. In order for optimization to be effective, the attaching system unit must also be hardware and software enabled for DDC operation. Not all system units are DDC-enabled.

Customers who travel or diwplay to move products to another country will be able to register the products for IBM international warranty service. Adjustment of the user controls to enlarge the image to its maximum size requires that the signal timings of the display mode used lie fully within the monitor timing specifications.

IBM P () Color Monitor Specifications

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. You can save energy by switching monitors off overnight and whenever they are not in ivm for extended periods during the day. Uniquely, it has a moire cancellation control, which reduces color fringing effects, and a color purity control, which optimizes the rendering of colors on the screen.

Actual power consumption depends on the screen mode used, the images displayed, and how user controls are set. This can have an immediate, advantageous effect on companies that need to find ways to reduce energy consumption. The stages towards shutdown pp200 controlled by the state of the H and V sync lines on the incoming video signal as follows: The monitor power management function is invoked only after appropriate signals are received from an eisplay system unit or video adapter card, which implements the VESA Display Power Management Signalling DPMS standard.


The height and weight displaay the tilt-swivel stand. Instructions are provided in a user’s manual supplied with the unit. Power Management Capability Power management is the capability of a product to reduce energy requirements to a minimum, after the product remains idle for a user-definable period of time. A DDC-enabled monitor continually sends a stream of data to the attaching system unit through the video signal cable.

Three years Warranty Service: It involves the system unit or graphics adapter card to which the monitor is connected. Yes Licensed Internal Code: The P Color Dipslay provides an On-Screen Display to assist in the operation of user controls by indicating both the real-time adjustments being made, and the horizontal and vertical frequencies in use for the current dispay mode.

The capabilities of the monitor are held in non-volatile monitor memory in an encoded format.