Whenever I run script in IE for second time, Found all previous session are stored as it is. Post as a guest Name. Hi, I am launching a new browser for each scripts. Our residential proxies do what other proxies do, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to our blog. That works fine for the webkit browsers, but what about internet explorer and edge?

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Is there any solution for IE please provide me. Not found this same situation in Chrome and in Firefox. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to. We intelligently route your requests through clean residential IPs, automatically retry failed requests, and can even render web pages in remote browsers preloaded with realistic fingerprints that make them difficult to detect!

[selenium-users] Clear browser data in Chrome

Oct 11, ’13 at 4: If is there any other way to avoid it please let me know. For deleting cache You can create one bat file which clear your browser or application cache before test start. In that case, you could use the driver.


It take all history from previous browser even after quite. By Evan Sangaline on June 28, Maybe some pieces could be removed. Using java you can achieve that: The above code is deleting cookies, not clearing cache.

If you execute it, by using. Anyway, if you found this from Google then I hope you found it helpful! Hi, I am launching a new browser for each scripts. Does not work for me using IE For Edge, the simplest way is to go into browser settings, delete cookies, then click the button to clear the elements every time the browser quits. Avinash G V 11 1.

Selenium Tips: Efficiently Removing Cookies | Sauce Labs

Worked for me in Csee my response. Likewise, the example above uses some explicit delere, because the implicit waits fail. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Gajendra Jain 2 Dan 1. We may explore cookies through webdriver later. If you are using protractor, this can be set on the capabilities hash with ‘ie. That works fine for the webkit browsers, but what about internet explorer and edge?


Why you need it? Copyright c -Intoli, LLC; all rights reserved.

– How to Clear Browser Cookies with Selenium Web Driver

Is there any way we can dflete cache from chrome browser through command line? Oct 8, ’13 at A gentle introduction to JavaScript proxies where we use them to recreate Python’s extended slice syntax.

Manually check – If you have opted “start from where you left”. But something goes wrong, and logout does not happen. Another alternative, of course, let someone else figure it out renting the web browser used for testing. Sign up using Email and Password.