Newer Post Older Post Home. Post as a guest Name. Failed to fetch gzip: Email Required, but never shown. In the config file there is a trailing space on many lines. No such file or directory I solved it by installing libnl It is part of a low-budget integrated Centrino chip.

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Select all iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 invalid/un,nown dhcp auto wlan0 allow-hotplug wlan0 iface wlan0 inet static address How to Upgrade to Linux Kernel 4.

[ubuntu] How to make an Intel run in AP mode? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

That’s where I ran into this problem: Thanks for the nudge! About Me Hello, my name is Divanshu Khanna. Very helpful to know that others with the same hardware have had success. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. DS Justice 1 4. Post as a guest Name. But in my case, it now works well by using Hostapd 0.


Re: Trying to run hostapd as solely a stand-alone Radius server

I did have to comment out some unsupported settings in the hostapd. Select all sudo apt-get install -y hostapd dnsmasq. You’ll see no errors again. And only then go out on the limb and do raspi-updatebut be sure to make a working hostapc to another mSD card first, so you can swap that in in case the newer kernel and modules cause more issues than it does fix.

Remove space at the end of script code. The solution is to use the latest version of hostapd, here it’s hostapd I am using the hostapd that is returned from a sudo apt-get install hostapd.

Select all sudo invzlid/unknown install.

Local Loopback inet addr: All such questions and issues are at the core of Source Digit. When do you expect a gadget to be launched? You may have to google for hostapd. Newer Post Older Post Home. By running the latest Hostapd 0. TheDiveO 1, 1 3 This isn’t the case here.


Disable, Remove Guest Account in Ubuntu Google Chrome is Update Again to Version I did not find a linux-header package that matched my kernel version close, but not exact. Extract and go to hostapd directory 3.

If we look at those errors at:. Before I encountered the Problem, I copied the hostapd. Jannis Kappertz 1 1.

And don’t run raspi-update unless explicitly told to do so due to a very specific kernel bug and the diagnosis points towards a fix that is only available yet via the testing kernels. I had a similar Problem, but without the spaces after the values and managed to solve it: Register Action command failed: Linux Invalidd/unknownUbuntu.