Front view of HEL80 view large image Front: The only warm spots on the HEL80 are the touchpad and the area to the left of it. Compal HEL80 keyboard view large image. Left side view of HEL80 view large image. Real-life gaming experiences with all three systems will be relatively similar since their GPUs perform at equal levels.

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Overall, I am satisfied with the sound quality and volume of the speakers.

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None of the plastic feels cheap or brittle. HEL80 Top View view large image. Proper hand placement while typing can eliminate this problem for the most part, but when using the notebook keyboard I have occasionally had this happen to me.

I realize that nothing is perfect and I feel lucky that camerx biggest complaints about the HEL80 do not bother me. The touchpad is made of brushed aluminum, and the LCD lid and keyboard trim are also adorned with the stylish metal.

Contrast and sharpness are good. My ear was very close to the S key before I noticed it. Media buttons left view large image.

Compal Electronics HEL80 Free Driver Download (Official)

You can get the Crown warranties for 1 or 3 years. All it takes is one swipe cameda a finger to log into my account. Webcam cover view large image. The fingerprint scanner was a feature I did not see myself using when I ordered the notebook, but its usefulness came as a pleasant surprise.


The only areas that warm up are the touchpad and to the left of the touchpad. There are some HEL80 owners who do not like the way the cooling fan operates. Some well-respected NBR forum members posted very positive comments about the HEL80 in the forums and I began to weigh the two options. I expected more of an increase in overclocked gaming performance based on the large increase in benchmark scores.

Bug # “Compal Hel80 Web Cam Doesn’t Work” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Although the battery is extended beyond the back of the notebook, it did not hamper travel. I hope this review helps making your decision a little easier. There are areas that could be improved; every notebook system has its flaws.

I have mentioned that none of them particularly bother me, yet one or more of them may be problematic for some. Ordering a notebook at PowerNotebooks. The plastic used on the rest of the unit is high-strength and the whole unit feels like it is put together well.


Back closed view of HEL80 view large hsl80. My sales representative, Donald Stratton, answered all my questions promptly, and I was completely satisfied with the responses. Left side view of HEL80 view large image. S-video, lock slot, 56k modem, fan exhaust, AC power plug.

Compal HEL80 Review (pics, specs)

It is a standard integrated camera, although the sliding cover is a nice touch. Real-life gaming experiences with all three systems will be relatively similar since their GPUs perform at equal levels. Closed view of HEL80 view large image.

Right side view of HEL80 view large image Right side: It does not take long to cool the warmest areas after a gaming session. I did extensive testing on the HEL Compal HEL80 view camra image. They are essentially the same size and weight.

Yes — the Function Fn and Control Ctrl are switched.