Is my main source of problemesssssss. The live wire is a bit complicated but there are fast actions that can have on how nimporte patch. I should state here that I did the bulk of this testing on a very under rated machine to see how this card would really shine. I use also a master keyboard Evolution MKC , everything works great! Good, bad or ugly? I will make a note here that they were a a very good driver set and ran almost flawlessly. The “E-WDM” drivers supplied with this card is an ESI -developed standard that is what Microsoft’s original WDM standard was supposed to do, that is, create a single driver type that supports all devices.

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It’s a good crate for beginners just srieusement But the digital inputs meters also bounce even though I had no signal to the digital inputs. I’ve been using the Quatafire which is the firewire version with less analog inputs of the M and am really happy with it.

Waveterminal 192M

Essentials Only Full Version. Awveterminal my main source of problemesssssss. Peter, I’ve had no problems with lock up issues with the Wamirack24 at all, but then I am only using S4. I did not however have that issue appear, the uninstall went fine and windows upon rebooting went right about the task of wanting to install the new drivers.


User Control Panel Log out. I use Cubase SX, the latency is almost zero!

Installation Installing the main card and the daughter card was a nice simple task, fit was good and the mate up nicely. I have to admit this interface is as rock steady or steadier then what I have used in my studio through the years.

Indeed, the two peremieres times where I installed the card once all installs the PC reboots and the big crash. So I expect a new version of impatiamment driver before editing anything in the config: It has always performed flawlessly. Log in Become a member.

It is also a plus if you plan on running any FX plugs live while recording a track. Los Angeles, CA Status: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I have an Iwill motherboard with VIA chipset no achtez ever!

Plus as mentioned above, ESI will have 64 bit drivers for the Waveterminal line. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Good, bad or ugly? Thanks wavveterminal the reviews guys!

Ego Systems/ ESI-Pro Waveterminal M @ Doctor Audio

Any of you having any weird lock up issues in S5 waveterminaal EgoSys cards? I had 2 times this symptom. And again a very good solid connection unlike some I have seen on the market.


Sonar, Sound Forge with direct digital connection and no need of digital-to-audio and audio-to-digital wveterminal and wire cables. And I will be eagerly awaiting the forthcoming ESP for the next review of their gear.

Setting up all my software to use the Waveterminal was again a very simple task. I chose this card because I needed entries amplified for my guitar and my future microphone to record the clarinet.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I have made the Waveterminal M a permanant addition to the PigPen, and am wavetermiinal at adding one of their newer larger interfaces as well. I also wanted a card has very low latency which is actually the case.

This product is no longer manufactured.

GalacticShuffler Max Output Level: It is middle-of-the-blade super bang for the buck!