That crt was very useful though. Those were awesome screens back in the day but they’re done. Any light of any volume falling on the screen would immediately kill the contrast ratio. Splitted signal via Monitor out, looks no different than original straight from machine. The guy selling it just wanted it out of the way because it is so big.

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Splitted signal via Monitor out, looks no different than original straight from machine. Factory Preset Resolution Modes.

Mar 31, Posts: Mon Oct 27, 6: Monitors by Rick Broida Sep 24, Was going to post pics of line doubler, but friend decided to take it back yeah it wasn’t mine.

Jul 1, Posts: From Australia, but he has a distributor in Ohio.

Meanwhile, diamondtrin already runs at 60Hz, so there’s no need for that. Screen is stretched via display controls to fill the 16 empty vertical lines reminds me of a TV. Perhaps they act like a sort of blending-dithering pattern? Also, there were many resolutions that fall under the “p” umbrella, such as x, x, x, etc. Thanks to this shader, p games display scanlined, and i games display hf, just like on a real TV. Right now, unless you’re John Carmack doing frame latency reduction investigations I can’t see a reason to keep them around.


Diamondtron nf Free Vector / 4Vector

Mar 28, Posts: These are the main reasons I want a scanline generator for my line doubler, so I can play my NES with native cvbs while looking great, but with scanlines.

No ghosting, halos, or color bleed; just some minimal rainbowing from the nasty nff encoder composite looks like RGB-VGA on good sources; no joke. Even on TVs they seem to have a limited number of zones, like Seems most of those who were working on it have abandoned it. Video Input Digital Video Standard. Sat Oct 25, 7: Mortal Kombat looks more diamondron with scanlines, since you can make out knuckles and skin tones on actors.

Diamond Plus 73

Mines still going strong after all these years and a dog chewing VGA cable cross fingers. A single superwide resolution, however, covers all bases once corrected back down to 4: That’s actually what I meant.

It is a small circle, but there is still an interest among some gamers for the response diampndtron and the large improvement in motion blur relative to non-strobing LCDs. Guess it turned out that getting the final pieces in place was infeasible?


22″ Mitsubishi Diamondtron — Just junk it?

I used it until recently. To get really good, we’d need LCDs with a huge array of LEDs that can do local dimming, and I haven’t seen that on any computer monitors. Fri Oct 31, 1: Is there any reason to use them over panels now that panels diamonetron so cheap? Cyber Monday deals you can still get: It’s apparent even when not in nv fully dark environment, but it HAS gotten much better. I just can’t stand the look of these older low rez games without scanlines.

He’s also taking the DF off my hands. Apr 26, Posts: