This is the main discussion forum. Processor Idle State Manager. The site has the full spec- http: Device Driver for FireWire Cameras. Footswitch software for IC Capture.

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Footswitch software for IC Capture. Uncompressed video cameras are used mostly in scientific, industrial, microscopy, machine vision, computer vision and photography applications that require real-time processing of the video stream. Noise and the rolling shutter would be my main concerns Hard to find info to compare too What kind of quality would I expect from this, would it be too noisy? Sensor SNR is 45db which I’m not sure is good or bad compared to other cams?

Medium format camera back N: Dovetail for optic tables SM1 Fiber: I have one with a C-Mount adapter I use on my Bolex.

The Imaging Source Industrial 400 DFK 31BF03

The site has the dk spec – with. IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab There dfj also the Guppy range, but they seem totally out of my price range. It’s not a must. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and Im certainly not trying to put you off, but without knowing a little about ur current system it would be foolish to advise about camera selection when some of these point may need expenditure too IC Capture – image acquisition.


IC 3D – User friendly stereo calibration, depth estimation and 3D visualization.

And remember the best gift you can make is often a good old fashioned link: As you will no doubt have read, the option that for example, Tonewheels and I went with was a really good PAL camera. Our comprehensive range of cameras with USB 3. I love reading about other people telecine cine projects!

But if this is one of the better options in my price range I may consider it. The List Manufacturer index:. Xfk 12, from Leaf: I don’t have the time to regularly google the web for new cameras and manufacturers so if you want your products to be up-to-date the best is to push the info to me.

Standard cameras can be used with many software packages and avoid vendor lock-in. Does the fact that it is USB cause a problem?

Imaging Source DFK 31BF03 Firewire Colour Camera

Board cameras USB 3. What do you think? Shark Eye, Desert Star: Device Driver for FireWire Cameras. This allowed plenty of time to develop and buy the surrounding hardware, for dgk system that is upgrade-proof to machine vision spec.


Ying Mei fine DFK 31BF03 H DFK 41BF02 DFK 41AF02 DFK 41BF02 H

Or you can just let me know what camera you use, weather it’s in my price range or not. There are a few things that worry me. Whitepapers about Cameras Industrial Cameras: Processor Idle State Manager. Like an old vhs or cheap web cam?

Ok, then I’m a bit confused, as I thought I heard larger pixels were worse. The site has the full spec- http: