I like its clean sounds. I guess urban legends like that prove somewhat that the company succeeded in their marketing plans. Mar 26, 8. Do you already have an account? Mar 26, 5.

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If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Steve, Trucks used Radio Shack speakers made by Utah, at that time owned by the Pyle family, dsrek the connection.

Another important thing about his tone his the fact that he uses his fingers and not a pick, and his fingerpicking style is unconventional to say the least. Home Forums Recent Posts.

pyle driver speakers-Derek Trucks

He would usually plug it in his small Fender combo. THe difference is that EAW doesn’t market theirs as a 4-way design but simply multiple tweeters used for coverage. A Deluxe Reverb has a single 12″ speaker in it.

I’ll bet Derk Page is just practicing with his new Weber Bias-Rite meter to make sure he knows how to work it. Please login or register.


Derek Trucks’ Guitars and Gear

Could you do something for Warren? Some harp amp techs jumped in on the conversation too and felt that they probably were a close fit too. I read an interview with Derek in “Guitar Player” magazine and he did indeed say they were “car stereo” speakers in his dersk Prior to that they made turcks kinds of speakers and CTS was one of the sources for fender. I have become a bit of a tone chaser and am trying to figure out the best way to get Derek Trucks tone with what I have.

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Derek Trucks Tone | Telecaster Guitar Forum

The results made me want to dump the supposedly good speaker in my JCM 2×12 haha Check it out: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Would it even work? StandingBack70 Extreme Peach Karma: Jul 15, 1.

See full item description. Sep 15, 5. I just hung the sm58 in front of the cab. You might try a graphic EQ pedal to sculpt the sound to your liking. A Peach Supreme Karma: Is there any truth to that?


A pretty meat and potatos rock guitar combo. I’m probably gonna do some of that.

Log in or Sign up. Mar 26, 4. It’s a non-invasive and completely reversible modification, so you can try it and if you don’t like it, just yank the SS module and the 6L6s, replace the rectifier tube and the 6V6s – rebiasing, of course – and enjoy.

Not a bad derekk amp actually. Fender used Pyle speakers in some amps years ago maybe 80’s? But his right hand technique is absolutley amazing. Tim McCulloch wrote on Tue, 22 July