On the back of the box lists the features and characteristics of wireless set, including in Russian. Glossy keyboard bezel is, all other surfaces, including a stand under the brush, dull. Just do not say you were not bored wires. Blue plastic sleek, black – a little lumpy, but body materials to the touch still pleasant. This device is incredibly compact. Let’s start with the packaging. The mouse pointer moves smoothly, seamlessly switching speed makes him fly across the screen, someone quite useful such an opportunity at work.

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To the left of the main keys are 4 more – they are located on the top and side.

Defender Keyboards — drivers

Higher above the keyboard on the left is the main block of six navigation keys. All additional keys have the form of narrow strips of silver, protrude from the body to a sufficient height, pressed deeply and clearly. Connecting more than defenedr. Installing the Batteries Two AA-size alkaline type keyboard supplied in the kit.

Defender Bern – Remote Operations Centre — Defender Bulgaria

Documentation CD with drivers The entire kit includes everything you need. Does it make sense to set them up to you, although it is possible that instead of, say, Microsoft Outlook you with joy, “hang” on the start button the mail client The Bat, and instead of Windows Media Player – for example, KMPlayer.

Right from the wheel are indicators Caps Lock, Num Lock under the black glass. Behind them is a button refresh the page, although very close below is Sefender. Form mouse is quite interesting: However, to do something, of course, possible, but it is silly to deny yourself the pleasure to customize purchased set according to their own habits and needs: In this mouse perfectly defdnder, so that it suits both right and left-handers.


Battery indicator is located on the left defended the insertion of glossy translucent plastic.

Two standard buttons and scroll wheel wide – to use they are comfortable. We should give up the keys unmentioned, list them from left to right: Mouse Appearance mouse rich in straight lines and combines smooth features with sharp corners. Along the edges in the middle of the back of the mouse are two more buttons, the first of which is responsible for closing windows, the second – for the opening “My Computer.

Keyboard pleased soft and quiet operation, but a little lacking in tactile feedback communication, it is not clear why, you pressed a letter or not, until you look at the screen. Let us begin with the outer shell. In fact, the package does not differ from the supplied wireless mice Defender series “Cities of Switzerland”, with the exception of having more batteries and a more detailed manual.

Keys Zoom’a In mediarezhime these keys control playback, duplicating similar keys on the keyboard.

The buttons are made of black plastic and have a scissor design. The main keys are pressed well and smoothly.

Also comes with a set of Bern edging metallic gray gern and gray mouse. And another button is located above the scroll wheel. Laser mouse sensor allows you to work on virtually any surface, and its resolution can be changed via a dedicated button on the case. In the case of “hot” keys, we also put a minus honored in the “soiled buttons.


Wireless laser kit Defender S Bern — Defender Bulgaria

Opening the box Right of the keyboard is white cardboard box in which the mouse and other accessories. Scroll wheel also pleased-scrolling short little steps and clearly perceived, it bren a pleasure to browse photos in ACDSee.

Mouse And the included mouse is packed in a separate box.

However, there is one “but” – rectangular Enter, but it is not evident and does not hamper the user experience. Nearby you can find the button slider designed to enable the mouse, as well as the battery compartment. Next, insert the batteries into their designated sections, the locations of which you will soon learn, and it is not hard to guess where they are.

Their number is 19 pieces plus wheel volume control, similar to the Jog Dial. The first of these has a very apt name for a set S Tandem WRS, and the second belongs to the series “Cities of Switzerland” and is named after the defende of Switzerland itself – S Bern.