Saturday, June 1, Printer Friendly Version This review has been updated after using the production model cameras. As of this writing, neither camera is compatible with Mac OS X. A dialog appears on-screen, with the “Erase? That’s because they’re based on the excellent PowerShot G2, and they’ve arrived with most of the G2 features intact. The excellent responsiveness of the S30 was a particularly welcome surprise, as we view sluggish response to be one of the biggest remaining disappointments the general public still experiences in making the transition from film to digital. Independent tests also confirm long photo lifespans – upwards of 25 years’ light fastness with Photo Paper Pro subject to display conditions.

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The focusing range in macro mode is 10 – 80cm on both of the cameras.

Canon announce PowerShot S30 and S40

Because the S30 relies on its LCD display for viewing and selecting some of its settings, it can be somewhat of a drain on the power supply. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery type: Medium 1 x Confused by Apertures and Depth of Field?

Relive your best moments in one beautiful timeline. The output cable powersjot a true AV cable, as it fans out into two RCA jacks, one for video, and one for audio. Large x S30 x S The colors are right-on in a room where the lighting is tough on most camera’s white balance.


The top button on the left of the LCD menu, this four-function button scrolls through four shooting adjustments: Both have functionality to match 35mm cameras, with 13 shooting modes, caanon AF modes, continuous, single and 3 selectable AF points including AiAF. The PowerShot’s playback mode doesn’t have a lot of canoj.

Sound is recorded as well. And here it is. The S30 performed well on our “laboratory” resolution test chart. Depressing the button four times cycles to the Flash Compensation adjustment.

Well, maybe a little.

Is this article you’re reading right now useful? Color rendition looked very nice on our Davebox powerahot, with the S30 distinguishing tough tonal variations and reproducing the large color blocks very well. A third press of the Display button cancels both displays. This allows you to zoom in 2X or 4X into your photo, and then move around in the zoomed in area.

Canon announce PowerShot S30 and S Digital Photography Review

The S40 photo is brighter because I used a longer exposure. This pretty fast, not the highest pkwershot speed we’ve tested, but faster than average.


You can cahon a startup screen, startup sound, and “beep” on the camera. A green highlight around the edge of the frames indicates that the image is focused. A surprising number of “lost” images can be recovered with an inexpensive, easy to use piece of software though. As it’s held down, a distance indicator appears on the LCD monitor, providing a reference scale for focusing.

Canon PowerShot S30

The noise reduction works well, as you can see when you blow up the images. Be the first to write one! We found “strong detail” out to at leastlines, although there were very strong artifacts in the horizontal direction starting at lines. PhotoRescue is about the best and easiest tool for recovering digital photos Poweeshot seen.

Digital Cameras – Canon PowerShot S30 Digital Camera Review

Here’s the front of the camera, with the lens cover opened. Fixed Lens Cameras Cameras.

Dimensions W x H x D. YOU can help us though, by remembering us when it comes time to make your purchase.