So now lets begin: Wed Jan 05, 1: Some sort of interface is needed, which apparently doesn’t exist right now Not sure yet why this occurs, there are no FP operations in the module. Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc.

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Frequency changing is available on all nForce2-based mainboards with all CPUs which run on that board. Yes, I’ve already updated the howto.

ATXP1 – ATTANSIC – IC Chips – Kynix Semiconductor

Perhaps the best would be to let udev handle the permissions? I already tried cpufreq-nforce2 tatansic voltage changing some time ago. I haven’t found out yet why the permissions are reset I mean, why allow setting new permissions when they are reversed after some time?

Fri Jan 07, 2: But what really would be ubercool is a daemon that not only can handle the FSB frequenzy changes but also attansix changes to cpu core voltage. Some sort of interface is needed, which apparently doesn’t exist right now Too bad, on the second thought I also had supicions about udev Can anyone suggest what to do?


Because not all VCore controllers support 1. Display posts from previous: Maybe adding two module options would help for the rights problem: Haven’t recognized it because when I experimenting with new modules I was logged in as root. But the second is a little stxp1 more complicated I found.

CONFIG_SENSORS_ATXP1: Attansic ATXP1 VID controller

Sun Jan 02, 8: Tue Jan 04, 9: Sun Jan 02, 3: Couldn’t you make some sort of “slave mode” to atxp1, that it only accepts changes in vcore from kernel space and a “master mode” for the the cpufrequ driver, that it controlls a slave which connects to it? Does anyone have a nice ruleset for it? Sun Jan 02, 4: Fri Dec 31, 4: Ok, thanks for the calculation fix.

So, users should be warned, I guess. Mon Jan 03, How would I apply the cpufreq-nforce2 patch? Ok, I am having a problem with my permissions. Nevertheless trying to compile atxp1 I get: But I just tried the atxp1 module. Tue Jan 04, 4: Mostly the RAM is the limiting attwnsic. I mean with cpufreq-nforce2 you can easily use any daemon you want, like speedfreq etc.


Maybe these don’t even on the cpu but on the mainboard only? I tried using make on itbut, attanic ended up returning an error, I’d c opy paste it if I had a middle mouse button but it seems to complain about a cpufreq not being declared.

VCore pairs are different between various CPUs.