Name of returned value, each parameter names to call the procedures or calling order , and column names of the result set returned by the procedure or column order. Function sequence error We always appreciate your comments and suggestions. Otherwise, the ODBC cuts out the data. An application may not bind any column.

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A LOB locator can be obtained in two ways: Real result values are saved only in the first row and the rest of them are ignored.

Transition from one phase to the next phase is made through transmission of proper handles to send information about the execution results from the previous phase. Or NULL if unknown or not applicable to the database. For maximum inter-operation, an application must unbound all parameters applied to the previous SQL statement before the same command prepares a new SQL statement.

SQLPrepare must be called first. The column is identified by its position from left to the right, starting with 1. When connection is not established due to other problems such as communication failure An application can use the databasec to request another SQLConnect after successfully calling SQLDisconnect.


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State Description S0 Unallocated statement. An SQL statement has been successfully executed.: The command continues from the previous line. Depending on the Attribute value, the ValuePtr will be either a bit unsigned integer or a pointer indicating the Null-terminator string. Build and execute an SQL statement. Once the handle is released, an application cannot use the released handle. NULL is returned for other data types. POSCO needed a database to obtain, analyze and detect data related to any flaws of inner linings of blast furnaces in real time.

The following table shows the conformance level in compliance with ODBC 3. The following figure briefly shows how works array binding.

However, error occurs in this state cause of no performing SQLExecute. Each SQL statement is automatically committed. It should be set with 0 or a larger value.

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Otherwise, the ODBC passes through the end of the buffer and saves the garbage data. Retrieved 7 June Learn more about Altibase at: If the result set is fetched, the cursor is located at the first result set.


Each operation is handled as a special case of the update operation. The number of columns in the current calling is smaller than the number of columns in the previous calling. SQLBindParameter must bind each parameter marker with a corresponding application variable, and displays whether the data must be converted for transmission. Releases an environment, connection, statement, or descriptor handle.

Note SQLProcedures may not return all procedures. This parameter set is not used partly because an error has occurred preventing the previous parameter from further proceeding. sltibase

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You should pinpoint the location suited for ID value of function in argumnet Supported. HY Continuous function error not connected or disconnected status dbc is not connected or disconnected.

It is numbered from the left to the right starting with 1.