Seems that I was wrong after all. With additional preamps and 8 inputs there’s plenty to do if you get creative. It has also served as the foundation for a small home studio for my band where we record with a more comprehensive setup than on rehearsals and onto multiple tracks. Well – you know where I’m going here.. When you use the mixer as a standalone unit, you really miss it.

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Load the kext file into the utility. Well – you know where I’m going here. What I like the most is the ease of firewie, the different inputs and its particularly short latency time. Gianluca Caliendo December 18, Did you do the command sudo spctl –master-disable or did it work on yours just following the instructions at the top.

It doesn’t seem like anything is installing aleis, Kext Utility when I try. Some points ngatifs After a few tests: It appealed to me because I can use it live as a standalone mixer as well as record with it via Firewire into Cubase LE which is included with the purchase of the mixer.


I chose the 8 tracks instead of 12 because I wanted to carry it often and that was enough for me 8 tracks ca. See reviews aesis regard to pramps, because I know nothing.

In short, its effectiveness.

All user reviews for the Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire

You have pretty much the exact same setup as me but I can’t get it to work. It pretty simple to setup. This review was originally published on http: USE The console is really easy to use, very intuitive! This is the day and night My hp and my headphone is a new found youth.

Niko April 04, I recommended it to a friend of mine who is also very happy with it. I am not really see what could be missed.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Level money I think the report is excellent. I described all this in a lil problem with his blocking qques milliseconds every 2 or 3 minutes I thought of a configuration problem. Use it as a stand alone mixer or recording console.

My Dell did but a few computers do not come with them. You can do this in Terminal: I just bought the firewire multimix8 today and I am very satisfied. It was not grounded properly.


Alesis Multimix 8 FireWire Studio Mixer | eBay

I needed a simple souundcard for when I’m writing songs, knowing that I have “good gear” for recording. So I think it can be considered a good soundcard. It did not work, so I reinstalled the driver version 3.

Corey S Employee December 23, This is the Multi Mix 8 Firewire edition made by Alesis.

How to use Alesis MultiMix Firewire 8 and 16 with OS Sierra

Level connectivity is extensive: No issues during installation. The thing that worked for me in addition to all the other steps here was loading the kext file into the utilit WHILE my multimix was plugged into my mac and turned on. Only if this latency is actually low trs on cubase, I do not firewure it but I can not drive down to wavelab.

Sort by most recent most useful. The Mixer, cables and a power supply for the mixer.