Shall I put that metal cap on top of the EL36 too? Thanks for your replies. Carlo, The 6J7 is readily available even though it is out of production. The metal ones are often microphonic, and some have connections to the metal shell too. Originally Posted by slidincharlie Carlo P.

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No, these are not in production.

I suppose the metal ones provide better shielding. Thanks for your replies.

This is a sharp cutoff tube. Are the microphonics the same? You may even find a mullard It’s glass usually finished with conductive red paintand a bit taller in size.

Hopefully, you can find a supplier on your side of the world. Mullard Pair 2x 12at7 Ecc81 Tubes. Richard Ealey Newbie Offline Posts: Those are grid connections on top.

Antique Radio Forums • View topic – Good subsititute for a 6J7 tube?

I don’t ttube the shape of these tubes. I’m a little late here but I just stumbled into this discussion. Show More Show Less.


If you use a metal tube be sure pin 1 isn’t connected to any voltage and is grounded. May Thu 15, tuube I attach here a schematic of the preamp section, in case it helps. For example, one source in the US is Antique Electronics supply at http: You want an EF36 not an EL In either case, the top cap connects to the grid and your amp has an additional shielding cap. No Tom, it just depends on the photo angle.

I just bought 8 of them last week.

6J7 @ The Valve Museum

I haven’t received any email notification of further replies after my post 8 above, so I thought that this thread was at a dead end.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. I think there’s some guy coming out with tjbe new copy of the WE mic pre, but dont know if he’s going for the I think I have a ‘s in a metal envelope as well as glass. They did seem to advertise that in the data sheet. The shielding cap is grounded as Tub pointed out.


Tubes For This Machine!

I prefer to simply wait and find the correct tube and keep the radio as original as possible. Maybe the tube looks weird because the body is made of metal instead of glass.

The thing on the top is a connection maybe the grid??

Look for companies that supply tubes to radio restortion type people. I was looking at the photo of the installed tube that you posted and I just noticed that the shield braid seems to be disconnected from the top cap.

RCA 6J7 Vintage Tube & Tube Socket

You will find the 6K7, although common, doesn’t work very well as a detector. Books Support This Site: Logged rj krohn bigaudioblowhard Hero Member Offline Posts: I grab all the G tubes I can find on eBay.

Be careful, I got chastised for buying tubes on eBay!!!